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(252) 787-5665

About Me

Hey ya’ll! I’m Tifani and I am excited to share my dreams and journey with you! I am 28 years old and a native of Elizabeth City, NC. I am a proud Elizabeth City State University graduate as well as a grad student at my alma mater. After graduating I wanted to be my own boss so I started my own business Called Tifani Beauti.

My Story

Tifani Beauti was created due to me having very sensitive skin which means i'm prone to flares, breakouts, and hives. I began studying and researching first to see what works best on my skin. After developing a few formulas and trying them out I found the perfect solutions to treat hair loss, rashes, breakouts, and other imperfections. These products have been proven to effectively treat and improve skincare and haircare. Since using my own products I have grown more confident in learning about hair and skin and what works best for every type of individual. Our products are made with all natural, vegan, and/or organic products for our butters, hair oils, skin oils, and herbs. They are also handcrafted and not tested on animals. 

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